Monday, October 20, 2008

Back from Texas

Well after a week in Texas we are back home. As most of you know we went to Texas to see my brother Cole while he's in the hospital. Thankfully he is doing MUCH better and everything is moving right along! We're thinking of you Cole and can't wait to hear from you. We were able to see lots on people on our trip which was great. Do we have any pictures of those people... no, but that's okay! I do have a few pictures from our trip with Mamo to the pumpkin patch which the boys really enjoyed!One of my favorites of Quinn lately!!


Jennifer Crowder said...

Hey! It jennifer! I love your pics they are so good! I wish you hadnt broken your camera, so you could have taken our pics. But i have some pics of the day yall came over if you would like some, i have the one where the boys are sitting on the sofa together. And we have a blog too its: to you later

Meg said...

We loved seeing you all while you were home. Thanks so much for squeezing us in and staying the night. It was so fun and we can't wait for the next visit. Love you very much!!!