Saturday, June 19, 2010

Look who we brought home today!

We went to the fair this afternoon with some Marines from Brian's shop and the boys now have their first pet.
"Goalie" the goldfish!
Not sure why his name is Goalie. Brian says it's because Quinn is a serious World Cup fan!

And some of y'all have heard about Brian possibly leaving for Afghanistan before Adelyn is due. I'm happy to report that his unit is allowing him to leave with the group of Marines that are leaving a few weeks later and he should now definitely be here for the birth!! I'm so so excited that he won't be missing another birth. We should be just 9ish weeks away til little miss gets here (:

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Allison said...

oh kelly, love your new fish, but so sorry to hear that brian is leaving again. I am glad he will be there for the birth...he will be around just long enough to fall madly in love with his darling baby girl! Keep me posted on anymore news, love you! Can't believe you only have 9 weeks left to go! I am so Happy for you!