Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bunny Hat

Last week we went out and took some photos of Adelyn in this cute little bunny hat that I bought for her.

As always, I think any photo of Addy is cute but they just weren't quite what I was hoping to get.

But then we went back a couple days later and tried again and I'm so glad we did!! I love all these photos!!

I have a couple other things to post but we're still catching up from our weekend with Mimi and Grandpa. More blog posts coming soon!!


Iris Flavia said...

Can you ever top this cuteness? :-)

Team Dale said...

love it! she is bigger on that bed, than the picture on my fridge! cutest.bunny.ever.

hannalareine said...

My God, your child is absolutely adorable!!! she is SO cute!! xxx