Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Old Town San Diego

Monday we rode the train down to Old Town San Diego! The boys LOVE riding the train and Quinn gets really excited whenever he sees one, so we went while Brian had a few days off for Veteran's Day. It's pretty much a bunch of old buildings trying to show what life was like back in the later 1800's. Pretty much just a great place for me to take a lot of pictures of the boys and to bombard you all with, :).How much are you weighing these days Gray?!This is where we ate some great Mexican foodAnd here is Fred, who the boys loved at first, so we sat right by him. But after he started making a ton of loud noises Quinn was over it and we had to move!Time to head back on the train...And that was our day riding the coaster! Gotta love the military for getting 96's on federal holidays!!

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Allison said...

love these pictures