Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sea World

Yesterday we went on our (pretty much) annual trip to Sea World. Anheuser Busch, which owns Sea World, allows military members and their families free tickets once a year to their parks. So we decided to use it before the year was over and take the boys. They LOVED it! Quinn was so excited to see all the animals/fish and Grayson was very happy to be along for the ride. We took all kinds of pictures, so be prepared for a lot :) This catfish looks like it could EAT Grayson!As I've already posted yesterday, we were both very excited about the Tech game being on TV here is Cali yesterday so we both made sure to wear our Tech shirts in case we saw any Texas fans!We took a break between shows and played in this little park. Quinn was showing us how fast he could run.And in the mist of the running he saw a rabbit in the bush and decided he should go get it. "I'll catch the rabbit" He kept telling us that over and over.So Grayson joined too...See... Tech fans!Here we went to the dog/cat show. (Why there's this type of show at SEA World, I'm not quite sure)And Nanci we took a picture of the bulldog just for you....Then the last show was Shamu!!Last year on our trip Grayson fell asleep at the Shamu show and he did again this year. I put it on the website last year so I had to get Brian to take one again for this year's post!So there's our trip to Sea World! Hope you made it through all the pictures and read this far down. :)

GO Tech for being ranked 2nd!!!

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Meg said...

The dolphin picture is BEAUTIFUL...