Thursday, July 21, 2011

On the way to Texas!

Like that pose up there?! Be prepared to see it many more times over the next few blog posts :)

The day the movers came was a very sad day. Brian and I have lived in Cali since we first got married. I lived there 6 1/2 years, in 4 different houses, through 3 pregnancies, 3 deployments, 3 homecomings and so many other memories in between!! I have been saying the past couple years that I was excited to move somewhere else if the opportunity arrived but when it was time to move and to SYRACUSE for that matter, I was so sad to leave. Mainly for the friends that we've made, for me and the kids. They still talk pretty much daily about their friends. But hopefully sometime during the next 12+ years while Brian's a Marine we'll be stationed together again!!

The first night we spent the night in Tuscon. And the next morning we took the kids to their Children's Museum....

Then after a night in El Paso, we made our way to Lubbock, Texas! Home of the Red Raiders and where I went to college. I was so excited to be back in Lubbock, even if just for a night to see how the town has changed and to walk around the campus again.

Next it was time to make our way to Carrollton :)


Iris Flavia said...

A lot´s being going on, huh? Love the pics, esp the little toes :-)
Next year we "plan" to visit the US for a first time - do you have any suggestions?

Kelly said...

Southern California!! Beautiful place to visit, lots and lots to do and see :)