Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mimi's Birthday

On the morning of my Mom's birthday the boys helped me make Texas Sweet Bread.
Then we drove down to Ithaca to take them to see the falls and to take the kids to the science center they have there. I LOVE seeing the falls. It's really making me like living here more and more! First we took them to the large one that we saw last time.
Then we went to one we all hadn't seen yet, Taughannock Falls. At first we went to a viewing spot that was above the falls.
Then we walked 3/4th of a mile to the bottom of it. This thing was huge!

This waterfall is 215ft tall, it was awesome. The leaves are starting to change and the area is so pretty! There are many more falls and gorges to see in Ithaca and I hope we're able to see some of them before we move!

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Team Dale said...

kelly these are postcard worthy..and I LOVE your kitchen....please show me a bathroom!