Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Cole!

Happy Birthday Cole! Today our family decided to do 21 acts of kindness in your honor. Many of you reading this also did acts of kindness and I just want to again say THANK YOU! You made this day even more special and I really really appreciate it! This was a wonderful way to spend our Sunday :)

Here are our 21 acts of kindness:
1. The boys made thank you cards for their teachers, the boys were so excited to help out and loved giving the cards to their teachers.
2. Gave a thank you card with a gift card to our mailman.
3. Posted signs around the neighborhood that said "Be Awesome Today"
4. Baked cookies and took them to our local fire station.
5. Paid for the person behind us in the drive thru at McDonald's, the cashier thought that was pretty cool!
6. While at McDonald's we saw a few construction workers and bought them a drink, they seemed to really like it :)
7.  Returned lots of carts from the parking lot to the grocery store.

8. Gave the kids each a surprise toy!
9. There's a lady at Five Guys who is always really sweet to us and loves seeing Adelyn (this might mean we go to Five Guys a little too much but that's okay haha), so we brought her a gift card today at lunch. This one was probably my favorite because she's always so nice to us!
10. Donated toys to Salvation Army.
11. Donated clothes to Salvation Army.
11. In the Target parking lot we left a gift card on one of the cars.

12. While inside Target I saw a Mom with a young baby and gave her a gift card as well. She was really surprised and probably thought I was crazy haha, but it was still fun!
13. Let someone go ahead of us while checking out.
14. Picked up trash at a playground near our house.
15. Bought lottery tickets and gave one to a random person in the store.
16. Left a few lottery tickets at one of the gas pumps.

17. We helped a lady to her car with lots of groceries. Her brother-in-law died when he was young and she thought what we were doing was really sweet.
18. Brian mowed our neighbors yard.
19. Made a donation in Cole's name to the Wounded Warriors project.
20. We took the kids to get ice cream and we left a tip.

21. Picked up trash around our neighborhood.

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Team Dale said...

We love you COLE and we too performed "random acts of kindness" all month long and thought of you each time. Happy 21st.