Monday, October 17, 2011

Branching out

I've been sewing a few years now but I haven't tried making too many clothing items. BUT now that I have a little girl I keep finding TONS of cute patterns that I want to try with Adelyn. (Like this, this and this, just to name a few!) This weekend I bought a cheap pattern on etsy, that I definitely could have figured out on my own if I had tried oh well, and made Addy this very simple skirt. It's too bad I didn't start this months ago since it's about to be freezing here in central NY but maybe I can just get a head start on outfits for spring ;)


Megan said...

OR, you could work on a few cute little things for another sweet little girl I know who will be living in a warm state and can wear those types of things year round.... ;) just saying!

Ps. cute skirt
pps. SUPER cute girl!

Team Dale said...

i love that fireplace...can't wait til you have to use it.